Friday, 23 September 2011

Computer Room / The Corpse and the Provost

Computer Room

I was in G169 (A large communal computer room at my old university. I was sitting at my PC but it seemed to have no monitor. I eventually tracked it down to the left of the person sitting to my left. I knew it was mine because it was running the Source SDK level editor "Hammer" (It's a map editor for game creation).

As I went to take the monitor though, some girl picked it up and started to walk off with it. How she managed to do this when it was plugged into my pc is just another "dream mystery". I didn't try to stop her, I just moaned about how I needed that.

I sat back in my chair, hands in my pockets, head buried glumly in the upturned collar of my wool coat. I noticed how it was light outside and thought it shouldn't be because it was 10:30pm. (Time distortion was common in this computer room. In my hardcore days, it was the late eighties and I used to play text-based multiplayer adventure games all night- so called "MUD"s. I remember looking at my watch once and seeing it was a certain time and not being able to work out if it was a.m. or p.m.)

The Corpse and the Provost

I got up and it was an amazing sunny day. I thought to myself "Wow, this is an historic day; You have to go out there and seize it or regret not doing so for the rest of time". It was a lovely day because we were having a so-called Indian Summer (which is predicted to be coming next Tuesday for five days).

I looked at the date in the dream but didn't really take it in. It was printed on the label of a bottle of Black Tower Wine.

There was a corpse in bed with me. It didn't feel weird or sick or disturbing in any way, it just felt slightly embarrassing or a tad seedy; Equivalent to not changing your pyjamas for two weeks or something. It was the second night I had this corpse in bed with me. I thought I had to report it now and I knew I'd have to say it had been two days and I wondered what I should say for why I didn't report it yesterday. I decided to go with more or less the truth, which was that I hadn't been sure the person was dead. There was no sense of who this person was or had been.

I was at university it seemed. I got up and walked over to see the Provost, who was a friend of mine. I started to have a conversation with him about "Such and such a thing is too little, but the opposite is too much" or something. He suggested we continue the conversation in the bar so we went there. Two girls who were with us decide the conversation is going to be boring so they decided to do a runner while the Provost is at the bar getting drinks and I'm with the girls at the table.

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