Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ghost Communication

I was in communication with a ghost.

I was sitting in an ordinary house near a TV which was on, and a window I could see through on my right, looking onto the street.

I was asking the ghost questions by just speaking them out loud in a normal voice but trying to concentrate on the ghost to project my answer to them I suppose. The ghost would show me things on the TV by way of answer, or a voice on the tv would say things, or the ghost would cause pictures and words to manifest on a magical sheet of paper in front of me (Whooo, just like a kindle). Sometimes whole books would appear.

By a series of questions I was gradually able to piece together the story of the ghost. He or she (I think she) was a person who had had a task to perform. They had needed to stop a great evil. The evil was something like a government who were harshly putting down an uprising with extreme violence (I was reading about the Victorians doing this in India in a book yesterday). There had been a battle where they needed to create a party of five people to fight. The people had to be really skilled and all different "classes" like in a multiplayer game, e.g. healer, tank, dps (damage dealer) etc. They needed to be able to work really well together.

At the climax of the battle one person needed to somehow "vibrate" a launcher and shoot some special rockets, five of them at some structure to weaken it, and then another member of the team had to strike the finishing blow with a sword.

They had never managed to get the right group of people together to finish it.

I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a video game or real life because it kept sort of flicking between the two. It was always something the ghost wanted or needed to do though, and had never been able to. I felt sorry for her because it was like someone playing an MMORPG and wanting to do some epic quest but never finding a party to do it.

Near the end I was writing instructions the ghost was giving me for beating the video game in pencil in the margin of the game manual. I was thinking I should maybe ask the ghost to manifest a carrier bag filled with all the books and drawings she'd showed me so far and the game itself so I'd have a souvenir of this incredible time

At the very end though, all I said was: "Is there anything else I can do for you?". I immediately chastised myself for sounding like a call centre worker; A ghost deserves classier handling, I thought. The ghost made the video game appear on the TV. I thought, "I wonder if she wants me to complete the game she never could?".

My sister must not have been impressed with all this ghostly stuff because she was supposed to be giving me a lift back home in her car, but she got tired of waiting with me so she took my stuff out of her car and drove home on her own.

At one point while I was talking to the ghost I got my camera to take a picture of an aeroplane outside which was towing a big banner. I then worried that the ghost would get confused, thinking I was trying to tell it something with that photo.

My mother and brother were there with me. I told them how a similar ghost experience had happened to me before and I was confident now that there was life after death which was reassuring.

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